Episode 4: Jody Nichols & Andrew Broadhead – Founders of Ad Hoc Academic

Ad Hoc Academic Ltd was founded in 2016 by Jody who was joined shortly after by her co-director Andrew. Ad Hoc Academic is a software as a service company that solves the issue that academics faced when sourcing, as the name might suggest, ad hoc academic staff. The business has grown as uptake from more and more universities and research institutes sign up to their unique service.

Jody and Andrew talk about their inspirational story of starting a fledgling software company within a uniquely specific niche. As two people who admit they themselves are not techy, we discuss with them how to develop ‘that app idea’ when you yourself are not a programmer; as well as tackling tough questions on starting a business with a young family, staying motivated and how to find people you can trust to collaborate with.

Find out more about Ad Hoc Academic here:

Jody Nichols & Andrew Broadhead |

Jake Newport |

Filmed and Directed by:
Craig Hawkes and Kaleidoscope Creative Film Agency |

Produced by:
Faye Straughan |

Marsden Grotto, South Shields |

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