Foundery Interview: Ajaz Ahmed - Founder of Freeserve

Episode 2: Ajaz Ahmed – Founder of Freeserve

Jake visits Huddersfield University to meet with one of its Business School’s Advisory Board members, Ajaz Ahmed. Ajaz is a serial entrepreneur most famous for his instrumental role in creating the internet as we know it today, as the founder of Freeserve. A humble story of a Currys PC World employee, come internet entrepreneur, Ajaz discusses his journey, the trials and tribulations of starting an ISP in the dot com boom era.


Freeserve allowed easy and open access to the world wide web with a disk given away free at every Currys PC World across the UK. Prior to this the internet was a ‘walled garden’ where the few internet service providers only allowed users to access content they wanted them to see. Ajaz’s story is illustrative of how entrepreneurs need to “do the obvious before it’s obvious to everyone else”. In his case, leading to Freeserve being floated in 1999 for £1.5 billion, and then bought by the France Telecom-owned company Wanadoo in 2000 for £1.65bn.

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  • Foundery Interview: Ajaz Ahmed - Founder of Freeserve

Ajaz Ahmed -Founder of Freeserve, Cut the Cr*p, & SoSavvy, | &

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